Minnie MouseMost probably
you all remember the funny cartoons you used to watch in early childhood. Among them there were some beloved ones such as Mickey Mouse and its adventures. But this was not just about Mickey rather than its funny friend called Minnie Mouse also famous among kids. There are lots of various different stories with the participation of those ones. Besides that perhaps a few people know the real origin and details how this cartoon was created initially and why it became so popular.

The creators
were Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks who designed Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the end of 1920-ies. As Mickey was well-known cartoon enough and previously had some friends appearing in its adventures, it became necessary to introduce something new and cute. The idea was to draw Minnie Mouse, at the beginning known as Minerva Mouse, but later on changed to Minnie Mouse and kept this name during the entire life of it.

it was considered to be stylish and in compliance with the youth taste, like a very nice and pleasant one, full of joy and friendly. There were several options about the design and its outfit as it was important to select something memorable and at the same time attractive. Apart from the fact that even green and blue were proposed it was decided to use red color finally. A short red dress fitting with the same color bow on its head, nice white gloves and funny, a little bit bigger size shoes were chosen. It made it so popular while dancing and singing. Everyone could acknowledge Minnie Mouse next to Mickey and increased her popularity due to her character as a whole. All those features were carefully selected which caused the desired result. Starting from the very beginning she was frequently appearing in Mickey
Minnie Mouse Figure Mouse adventures. Although it was once again re-designed in 1940 and due to the changes in the society culture and taste became more conservative character.

thing about Minnie’s story is that the lovely voice of it initially belonged to Walt Disney, but for a while, later it was voiced by another person – Marcellite Garner for 10 years, up to 1940.

In the history
of this cartoon there was a period when Minnie Mouse was put on backstage due to the fact that it was decided to create some new ones and present them to society. But it returned back in 1980-ies and starting from that period of time it is still popular and beloved one.

There were
some other projects were Minnie Mouse was placed, it’s worth mentioning TV show ‘Totally Minnie’ and the best place for kids and not only for them – Disneyland where one can meet Minnie Mouse signing autographs, having fun with the kids, you can even take some photos with it. Minnie Mouse is also shown up during the parades and waving in front of the observers.

The time
has passed but the popularity of Minnie Mouse still remains among kids and its attractive adventures are watched by millions of people.

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